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From: Stewart, Robert (stewart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-01-25 11:56:41

From: Jason Stewart [SMTP:res0054p_at_[hidden]]
> >"transform" doesn't evoke the purpose of the function fully to me. How
> >about "to_native" or something like that? Yes, it potentially transforms
> >one representation to another, but the point is to turn some common
> >representation or variant into the standard, native representation.
> >
> >Does the "transform" logic take a string and return another? If so,
> >it be better to have a function that takes a character and returns the
> >transformed character? Then, the pathname class can walk the string and
> >an in-place update of the string, avoiding a copy. That also makes the
> >policy class simpler.
> Both policies have a transform. The case policy's transform takes a string

> and returns a string. If you wanted to do title caps for instance, it
> difficult to implement by only looking at a single character.

You're right. Perhaps the better approach is to take the string by
non-const reference, allowing transform() to do in-place substitutions, even
replacing n characters with m, if the need arises. The value is simply one
of efficiency, which may be (is?) premature to consider.

> >What file I/O is needed for pathname processing? What aspect of pathname
> >processing am I missing that you feel is needed in this class and
> >filesystem access?
> Actually, the opposite is true. I don't feel that the class should do any
> I/O. There was some debate earlier about whether things like attributes or

> iteration should be in the pathname and I feel like it should not. I think

> the class is easier to understand if it just implements parsing and
> manipulation.
> I have written some other functions (FileSystem namespace) that work with
> my Pathname and Filename classes. I try to put all of the I/O in there or
> write separate classes for iteration, recursion, and attributes.

I recall some version or other of this functionality including certain
stat()-like information, and I asked why there wasn't more, if there was
some. I also asked that pathname manipulations be separated from filesystem
access, so I think we agree there.

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