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From: David Abrahams (david.abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-01-28 20:03:12

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From: "George A. Heintzelman" <georgeh_at_[hidden]>

> I blurted, incompletely:
> > > Finally, I thought it might be cute if data member pointers would be
> > > as accessor functions by function/bind/mem_fn. Just a crazy idea...
> >
> > Not so crazy. I've thought about trying to do this myself. Rather than
> > modify bind, I have used locally a mem_data(ptr-to-data-member) functor
> > which creates such an accessor function. Making bind auto-recognize
> > this like it does for mem_fn, IMHO, would be just fine. The only real
> > issue is that you really do want con
> // <glue>
> st overloads of the functions, since changing the data will sometimes
> be a serious option.

To be most useful, I think you make it a non-issue, as follows.
bind(T (X::*)) returns one of these:

(with apologies to Hamish MacKenzie)

template< class Class_Type, class Member_Type >
class const_mem_var_ref_t
  typedef typename add_reference<typename
add_const<Member_Type>::type>::type result_type;

  explicit const_mem_var_ref_t( Member_Type Class_Type::* ptr )
    : ptr_( ptr )

  const Member_Type &operator()( const Class_Type &x ) const
    return x.*ptr_;

  const Member_Type &operator()( Class_Type &x, result_type y ) const
    return x.*ptr_ = y;

  // advisable? I don't know...
  template <class Ptr>
  const Member_Type &operator()( Ptr x ) const
    return get_pointer(x)->*ptr_;

  template <class Ptr>
  const Member_Type &operator()( Ptr x, result_type y ) const
    return get_pointer(x)->*ptr_ = y;

  Member_Type Class_Type::* ptr_;

Oh, and then we make a version that uses a nontype template parameter for
the member pointer ;-)

I recently discovered that nontype template parameters other than integers
are much better supported across compilers than I had previously expected,
so now I'm on the lookout for uses. I have to thank Andrei Alexandrescu for
putting the thought in my mind; I read that he was doing that with function
pointers in an article I saw somewhere.


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