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From: James Kanze (kanze_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-01-30 18:13:55

"Stewart, Robert" <stewart_at_[hidden]> writes:

|> Now, let me introduce an entirely new concept into the discussion:
|> spring tabs. Many years ago, Borland released a word processor
|> called Sprint. I loved that app. It was completely scriptable in a
|> C-like language which made extending it fun and powerful.
|> Nevertheless, that app used a tab concept which I call "spring
|> tabs." (I can't remember if that was their term or not.) Spring
|> tabs make left, center, right, alignment and other horizontal
|> formatting highly intuitive.

|> A spring tab works, like its name implies: like a spring, pushing in
|> two directions equally. In the examples that follow, "@" will
|> represent a spring tab:

|> 1. Right
|> "@text"

|> 2. Center
|> "@text@"

|> 3. Left and right
|> "text_at_text"

|> 4. Left, center, and right
|> "text_at_text@text"

|> 5. 1/3 and 2/3
|> "@text_at_text@"

|> 6. 3/4
|> "@@@text@"

|> If we could incorporate spring tabs into this formatting class, it
|> would be a generalized, powerful, yet easy to use, improvement.
|> We'd have to decide what character represents a spring tab, but I
|> think it would be highly useful. I have implemented the logic for
|> spring tabs, so this isn't an abstract concept that would require
|> significant effort.

|> What do you think?

We could actually incorporate all of the LaTeX formatting commands, and
do line breaks as well.

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