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From: Howard Hinnant (hinnant_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-02-06 19:42:29

On Wednesday, February 6, 2002, at 03:56 PM, Sean Parent wrote:

> It was correctly pointed out, that swap can be implemented using
> constructing moves (in the same way it is done with copying, through a
> temp). But in the case of a non-POD class, I don't think this is a win
> unless you define the source from the move to have been destructed as a
> result of the move (call this relocate).
> The move vs. relocate semantics would be:
> move - moving a source A into uninitialized memory B. The result leaves
> A in
> an indeterminate but destructible state. "Copy" construction of an
> auto_ptr
> is an example.
> relocate - moving a source A into uninitialized memory B. The result
> leaves
> A in a destructed state. Requires the source A is also managed with
> placement new and delete.

I like these definitions, except I would also like to see moving into
initialized memory defined (e.g. auto_ptr assignment). They make it
easier to discuss the variations.

I'm not understanding your comments with respect to swap implemented
with move though:

template <class T>
swap(T& a, T& b)
        T tmp(move(a)); // move construct
        a = move(b); // move assign
        b = move(tmp); // move assign

None of these was intended to be a relocation, though the last move from
tmp certainly could be since the next (implied) statement is the
destruction of tmp.

> The relocate construct would be useful for container optimization -
> but I
> think the complexities of implementing it for anything that can't be
> treated
> as a POD (just do a memcopy for the relocate) is difficult. It may be
> worth
> having a trait though for objects that can use memcopy to relocate.

I don't think relocation will be useful for container optimization, at
least not vector. I went into this in some detail under the auto_vector
subject. I remain unconvinced (but open minded) about its usefulness in

> The first item, I think is simplest to implement using a non-throwing
> constructor (one that constructs an object upon which the only valid
> operation is destruction) and a swap.

I suspect we've got a time delay thing going on. I just got your post,
but it is dated hours earlier. Have you had a chance to look at
Hamish's proposed code, and my response to it? Your comments on this
would be most valued.


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