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From: David Abrahams (david.abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-02-14 07:08:25

Way cool, Rene!


diffs between python.jam HEAD and v. 1.14 look broken to me. Could you
please take a close look?

I know we're planning to throw away the existing system, but you never know
how long it might last. The changes in boost_base.jam (like
expand-xxx-names, e.g.) need some documentation and the stage rule needs to
be broken into smaller pieces if anyone else is to be able to maintain it.

Some of the HTML documenation changes look wrong to me, e.g.

    jam -fallyourbase-path stools="msvc gcc"
Maybe you just meant to kill -fallyourbase-path? That would be appropriate
 | | | | `-user-interface-gui
 . . . `-runtime-link-static
 . . .   +-user-interface-console
 . . .   `user-interface-GUI
TOOLS    Platform-dependent    stools="gcc msvc"    build with gcc and msvc
                               stools=gcc build with gcc
(spell checkers are not always our friend ;-))
It would probably be better to say that multiple targets with the same name
are allowed *within a subproject* as long as they're of different types.
The HTML describing tags for stage targets doesn't look right.
    <tag><feature | variant>value
I think it would be better to kill the spaces. And don't you really mean
"property" in place of "feature"? How do you make a tag for <runtime-link>?
Examples in the HTML would be a big help.
Another case-change problem:
flags msvc CFLAGS <optimization>off : /Od ;
It says that the string /OD should be added to the global CFLAGS
Is there some reason to prefer UNIX over Unix?
You mention "boost_system.htm" below, but I figure that's a typo and it's
really build_system.htm.
Note that there are some changes to status/Jamfile on the test-development
branch which you might want to have a look at.
----- Original Message -----
From: "Rene Rivera" <grafik666_at_[hidden]>
To: "Boost" <boost_at_[hidden]>; "Boost Jam" <jamboost_at_[hidden]>
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 11:10 PM
Subject: [boost] Boost.Build update...
> I just comitted some changes to the build system. These are changes only
> the *.jam files not the Jam executable.
> The changes include:
> - PRE* defaults for Unix type platforms, and NT.
> (allyourbase.jam)
> - BOOST_BUILD_INSTALLATION variable not longer used, and removed. If you
> this aspect of the system you should switch to using BOOST_BUILD_PATH
> (allyourbase.jam, boost-build.jam, boost-base.jam)
> - Remember and check which Jamfiles are included to eliminate multiple
> inclusion.
> (allyourbase.jam)
> - Move the inclusion of the first Jamfile from "allyourbase.jam" to
> "boost-build.jam".
> (allyourbase.jam, boost-build.jam)
> - Canonize target file names generated so that they conform to platform
> practices. This means that now instead of target names mostly saying what
> name of the generated file is it only names the base of the generated
> For example "dll test : test.cpp ;" will generate a "" on Unix
> platforms, and "test.dll" on Win* type platforms. One can define PRE* and
> varaibles to specify the renaming depending on the platform & type of
> (boost-base.jam)
> - Target names no longer need to be unique. But now only need to be unique
> type of target. This change is a sideefeect of the above because otherwise
> would not be possible to creat both a "libtest.a" and a "" :-)
> (boost-base.jam)
> - Source dependencies now need to be specified in terms of the type of the
> source. For DLL targets speifying <dll>test links the source using the
> and FINDLIBS variable which translate to using the toolset specification,
> "-ltest" & "-L/a/b/c" on GCC toolsets. This eliminates the problems some
> people have had with building DLLs and using them outside of the build
> This also applies to all the other types of sources, so <exe>*, <lib>*,
> <pyd>*, should be used.
> (boost-base.jam)
> - Addition of a new "stage" target. The intent of this is to alow for
> collecting the various targets generated, in the varied subdirectories
into a
> single stagin directory. Renaming of the target files is supported when
> files are copied. See the documentation for more details.
> (boost-base.jam)
> - Added support for specifying <pyd>* type source dependencies.
> (python.jam)
> - Updated the base Jamfiles in boost/libs/* to build and use the new
> requirements.
> (boost/libs/python/build/Jamfile, boost/libs/regex/build/Jamfile,
> boost/libs/thread/build/Jamfile)
> - Cleaned slightly, updated, and added to the documentation.
> (boost_system.htm)
> WARNING: The name of the subdirectories that get created for the generated
> targets is now different! If you rely on this the basic change is that the
> target subdirectory is now the exact name of the target instead of the
> basename.
> Enjoy, and if this causes problems please yell ;-)
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