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From: Iain.Hanson_at_[hidden]
Date: 2002-02-22 13:38:28

     Right now, boost does not have an installer as has been mentioned by
     many others on this thread.
     If an open source library wants to use boost then it will either need
     to hand install it ( not a big problem ) or creat a platform
     The recent failures reported on here ( including your own ) were
     caused by bugs in the libraries. The fact that jam goes on to build
     all the targets it can is IMO a good thing (TM). If as a developer,
     you can't re-direct stdout and stderr or scroll back up throough your
     xterm's output to find error messages then I'm not sure the tag
     "experienced developer" would apply.
     Like Bill Kempf, I had nothing to do with developing boost::build and
     managed to get it going when it required bootstrapping. As a
     replacement for make, it is far supperior IMO. Unlike Bill, I'm a
     boost newbie having only been hanging out here for about six months.
     BTW ./configure followed by make install would fail on 99% of the
     systems I have worked on for 99% of the opensource software I have
     ever used. The default dir for install is /usr/local which is normally
     owned by root. And I rarely have root access.
     learning to use jam is no more difficult than learning to use
     However, yes we do need an installer.

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Subject: Re: [boost] Re: Why Jam?
Author: r-smith (r-smith_at_[hidden]) at unix,mime
Date: 22/02/02 17:30

bill_kempf wrote:
> I don't disagree. There was a bit of humor in what I said (see the
> winky?). However, the consumers of Boost are developers and should
> be able to easily deal with the installation of headers.
This is not true.
Boost becomes part of the required source code for any project that uses
it. If the project is distributed in source form, anyone who installs it
has to install Boost too, just like they have to install any other
library the project depends on. For other libraries that's not a
problem, because we can count on them being available in autoconf and/or
rpm form.
There's nothing so convenient for Boost. The current Jam-based install
system is a bad joke; I'd bet money that nobody but Bill and the handful
of others who developed it and know it intimately has ever got it to
work. My attempt to run it recently resulted in page after page of error
messages and nothing remotely resembling a working system, and I've seen
similar reports here from others. If even experienced developers can't
get it to work, end users haven't a chance.
In its current form, Boost is completely unusable for open source
projects, because the end user has no way to install it. (I take it as
axiomatic that anything more complicated than "./configure && make
install" or "rpm -Uvh boost.rpm" is functionally equivalent to Doesn't
Work. If you disagree, then we're clearly living on different planets
and further discussion would be a waste of time.)
Is there any chance that Boost's install system will ever actually
_work_, for a reasonable variety of systems?

Ross Smith ...................................... Auckland, New Zealand 
r-smith_at_[hidden] .........................
  "We need a new cosmology. New gods. New sacraments. Another drink."
                                                       -- Patti Smith
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