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From: Carl Daniel (cpdaniel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-02-23 15:47:33

From: "Beman Dawes" <bdawes_at_[hidden]>
> >an MBCS. IMO the standard library stream
> >classes should offer wchar_t constructors independent of whether the
> >stream's CharT is char or wchar_t.
> Hum... The fstream constructors (and open) now take only "const char* s".
> LWG members (Matt Austern?) have said "const string& s" overloads should
> also be provided, IIRC.
> If I understand you correctly, you are saying that this should also be
> extended to include "const wstring& s" overloads?

Yes, and wchar_t const * as well.

> What should happen if the operating system doesn't support wstring file
> names? Is the implementation obliged to try to convert the wstring to
> something it understands? Does the standard need to specify this, or is it
> purely a quality-of-implementation (QOI) issue?

Good questions - I wish I had good answers :) One thing's for certain - for systems where a pure-Unicode application is
required (e.g. Windows CE), the current standard is insufficient.

Perhaps there should be some "addendum" features which are not required by the standard, but recommended for those
platforms where they are supportable.


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