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From: mfdylan (dylan_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-02-23 21:31:36

--- In boost_at_y..., Beman Dawes <bdawes_at_a...> wrote:
> At 04:29 PM 2/23/2002, mfdylan wrote:
> Have you looked at the way attributes are handled in Dietmar's and
> submissions? See their entries in
I thought creating uid and gid types as well but they wouldn't be
much use if you couldn't get "string" forms of them for display.
It would also be difficult to code a uid/gid type under NT that could
act in a similar manner to POSIX, where it is guaranteed to be an
integral type (hence you can do numerical comparisons etc).
NT has a "SID" which you can certainly test for equivalence etc., but
you can't easily serialise it as any thing other than the string
form. That's why I felt sticking to a string was the safest, more or
less the same reasoning behind using strings to represent pathnames.

One thing that concerns me with separating out attributes to the
degree they are in the document you mention is efficiency: with some
filesystems, especially network file systems, it can be a potentially
time-consuming operation just to modify a file attribute. Therefore
some scheme of accessing/modifying a set of attributes all at once is
really necessary.

At any rate I'm more than happy to contribute my code for simulating
POSIX files mode with NT ACL's and allowing access/modification of
file ownership/group. The one thing it still needs is error handling
(currently it simply returns false if anything goes wrong). It also
uses _alloca extensively (given it's supposed to be VC only code this
wasn't a big issue, but if we want to compile on other Windows
compilers it might be).


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