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From: joncaves (joncaves_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-03-01 16:48:39

In Visual C++ .NET (AKA Visual C++ 7.0) Microsoft has separated the
Win32 SDK binaries, headers, and libraries from the Visual C++
specific binaries, headers and libraries.

This is to make it easier for developers to update the Win32 SDK
(which they can do "quarterly") independent of the rest of Visual C++.

So there is now a directory structure something like:



--- In boost_at_y..., johan.nilsson_at_e... wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just installed and built STLport 4.5.3 and now I'm trying to
> Boost 1.27.0. Compiler is VC.NET (7.0), O/S is WinXP Pro.
> I've built jam0.exe by modifying the Makefile under
tools/build/jam_src, but
> when I try make it rebuild itself it complains about not finding
> advapi32.lib. Quite naturally, as it's not under <msvc>\lib, it's
> <msvc>\PlatformSDK\lib (at least on my computer). Couldn't find a
way of
> specifying this, though.
> Anyway (famous last words), it (jam0.exe) seemed to work - so I'm
using it.
> Also modified STLPORT_ROOT inside Jamrules to reflect the real
> path. I have a few questions though:
> * What result should I expect when running "jam -sBOOST_ROOT=.
> -sTOOLS=msvc-stlport -s", here's what I get:
> 14:27
> don't know how to make <python-library@>python21.lib
> ...patience...
> ...found 1964 targets...
> ...updating 981 targets...
> ...can't find 1 target...
> ...can't make 42 targets...
> <zillions of status messages etc ...>
> ...failed updating 49 targets...
> ...skipped 72 targets...
> ...updated 902 targets...
> 14:38
> * How can I build only one or a subset of the targets (e.g. Python
> Threads)?
> * I've tried to check my results against the compiler status
tables, but I
> really couldn't extract my own results for comparison. Are they
> somewhere in my filesystem after running the build?
> // Johan

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