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From: Steven Brown (swbrown_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-03-13 01:05:47

Most UNIX tools play nicely on a VFAT/FAT32 mounted partition from Linux.
The important restrictions are that no links can be created and permissions
are ignored. I often CVS checkout/checkin directly from a VFAT partition
from Linux, and will occasionally autoconf/automake/build projects directly
from the VFAT partition without problems in most cases. Where I tend to run
into problems is building projects that are shared libraries, as libtool
(unless you explicitly tell it not to) gets configured for the build
environment which supports links (Linux), but tries to create hard links
from the (long-version).so to the (short-version).so files on part of the
build environment that doesn't (the VFAT fs).

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From: Douglas Gregor [mailto:gregod_at_[hidden]]
Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 8:15 PM
To: boost_at_[hidden]
Subject: Re: [boost] Re: Building Boost on Linux

On Tuesday 12 March 2002 10:07 pm, you wrote:
> On 2002-03-13 at 01:50 AM, conic_at_[hidden] (simonwlb) wrote:
> >The other thing I did to make Jam build was to comment out a line in
> >the Jam Makefile:
> >
> ># chmod a+w jambase.c
> >
> >Before I commented out the line above, the Jam Make process caused
> >all sorts of errors to come up, like not being able to find "yyacc".
> >
> >Maybe my build of Jam is no good either?
> No, it's probably fine. But one of the things that building Jam does is
> and regenerate that file. Which leads me to think that somehow the Win FS
> mount is not letting you do things like create directories, and possibly
> changing the permissions on files -- and changing permissions is something
> Jam does for most of the files it builds.

I presume that the Windows file system is indeed a FAT file system (because
NTFS is very poorly supported under Linux), which has no concept of
Unix-style permissions. That probably makes Jam very, very unhappy.

I've found that FAT partitions under Linux are good only for communication
with Windows on the same computer, and are not in any way useful to
development. Between the lack of symlinks and the lack of permissions, Unix
tools just don't play nice.


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