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From: Rainer Deyke (root_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-03-18 14:03:43

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From: "Stewart, Robert" <stewart_at_[hidden]>
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Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 9:31 AM
Subject: RE: [boost] Filesystem library: remove

> Let me address your question by enumerating the errors that are
> when trying to remove a file and indicate whether an exception is
> I took these errors, which may not be sufficient to cover all
platforms and
> filesystems, from a Solaris unlink(2) manpage.
> Error Exception Warranted?
> --------------------------------------- --------------------


> Name too long (ENAMETOOLONG) Yes
> No such file (ENOENT) No
> Bad pathname component (ENOTDIR) Yes

These all imply that the file doesn't exist, right? Why throw an
exception in some cases but not in others?

> Can't get to file or read only (EACCES) Yes
> Filesystem is read only (EROFS) Yes
> Mount point in use (EBUSY) Yes
> Dynamic library code in use (ETXTBSY) Yes

These imply that the file exists but can't be deleted (for now):
genuine failure.

> Signal occurred (EINTR) Yes
> Too many symbolic links (ELOOP) Probably
> Can't get to file's host (ENOLINK) Yes

I'm not exactly sure what these mean, so no comment.

> My judgement as to whether an exception is warranted is that when
the error
> is likely fatal, then an exception is warranted.

Whether or not an error is fatal depends entirely on the context.
Here's a list of some possible reasons why one might want to delete a

Direct user request: If the operation fails, this should be reported
to the user (along with the specific type of failure). It is not
fatal in the larger sense.

Removal of temporary files: Failure is generally not critical; it just
leaves some garbage on the user's disk. Should probably be
logged/reported and then ignored.

Uninstalling something from the system: Failure should be reported to
the user, who may then be given the option of correcting the error,
ignoring it, and/or aborting the entire program.

Removing a file that is used as an inter-process mutex: Failure (of
any kind) is probably fatal.

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