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From: boost (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-03-27 04:04:00


yesterday I switched to the lates ublas CVS version.
It seems that
double numerics::detail::conj(double const& x)
is missing somewhere.

Best wishes,

/// g++ -I ../.. -DUSE_GCC u.C -o u

#include <boost/numeric/ublas/config.h>
#include <boost/numeric/ublas/storage.h>
#include <boost/numeric/ublas/matrix.h>
#include <boost/numeric/ublas/matrix_et.h>

namespace numerics
        namespace detail
                double conj(double const& x)
                        return x;

int main()
        typedef numerics::matrix<double, numerics::row_major,
numerics::unbounded_array<double> > TpMatrix;

        TpMatrix A;
        TpMatrix B;
        TpMatrix C;

        C = prod( A, herm(B) );

$ g++-3.0 -I ../.. -DUSE_GCC u.C -o u
/tmp/cc95hlYg.o: In function
`numerics::scalar_conj<double>::operator()(double const&) const':
undefined reference to `numerics::detail::conj(double const&)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

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