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From: Larry Evans (jcampbell3_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-03-27 10:26:27

"Schoenborn, Oliver" wrote:

> Hello,
> I needed a smart pointer that works for stuff that auto_ptr was not meant to
> do, and that shared_ptr was not meant to do either: a pointer owner (as
> opposed to an owned pointer) that is in charge of deep copy and deletion
> when owner goes out of scope, coupled with a pointer user that only provides
> pure shared usage (no ownership) tied to an owner.

Except for the "deep copy" feature, the prox_own_btm and prox_use_btm
classes in
seem to fit your requirements. This pair also will throw when a prox_use_btm
smart pointer accesses a pointer(or "subject" in the Gof4 terminology) whose
prox_own_btm goes out-of-scope. In addition, an exception is thrown when
a cycle is formed in the prox_own_btm instances. This is, of course, more than you
want, but it would be easy to remove. The main problem, I think, is that the code
is pretty hard to understand and it has several template specializations which MSVC++
doesn't handle. However, it does work with g++2.95.X or there-abouts.

> This provides for a nice separation of roles and responsibilities, since
> often an object is created in one place and not used, but given to another
> object for usage but not management. An owned pointer is provided that
> brings the two together for the cases where this is necessary.
> I haven't seen anything else like it anywhere. It's clean, standard code,

The orginal motivation for prox_own_btm and prox_use_btm was the
LiveWrapper and RefWrapper classes in polaris( See ).

However, polaris can't collect cycles in the LiveWrapper graph and uses refcounts in each
element of the the list structure; consequently, there is much more memory used for

I'm currently trying to understand jam in order to upload a version of shared_ptr
which is simpler and easier to compare different methods of iterating over the
internal points (an "ip_iterator" class) of a subject. This ip_iterator class is only
useful for detecting cycles; so, you may not be interested in that either.

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