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From: David GD Wilson (firestar_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-04-07 08:34:21


I am trying to export a C++ class (CVector) defined in a boost.python
module to use in another boost.python module, however I get the compile

c:\sdk\boost_1_27_0\boost\python\cross_module.hpp(215): error C2665:
'boost::python::from_python' : none of the 59 overloads can convert
parameter 2 from type 'boost::python::type<T>'
            T=boost::shared_ptr<CVector> &

Is this a bug in the boost python implementation? This compiles fine
under linux, using gcc.

The code exporting CVector is:

      // Create an object representing this extension module.
        module_builder core_module( "core" );

        // CVector definition
        class_builder< CVector > vector_class( core_module, "CVector" );
        // Add the __init__ function
        vector_class.def( constructor<>() );
        vector_class.def( constructor< float, float, float >() );
        // Add readable/writable member variable
        vector_class.def_read_write( &CVector::x, "x" );
        vector_class.def_read_write( &CVector::y, "y" );
        vector_class.def_read_write( &CVector::z, "z" );

        export_converters( vector_class );

Any help would be appreciated!


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