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From: David A. Greene (greened_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-04-12 18:30:13

Mark Rodgers wrote:

> I don't think there is any need for two pretty much identical typelists
> and I fervently hope that we don't end up with two.

Me too, but if two are needed, then we should have two.

> algortithms, and I don't particularly care how MPL algorithms are
> implemented as long as I can use them easily, particularly with MSVC*.

Absolutely. Andrei's point, I think, is that writing new MPL
algorithms is difficult -- more difficult than it needs to be.
I'm not sure what his position is on existing MPL algorithms.

> Andrei, your opposition to MPL really smacks of NIH syndrome.

Not at all.

> I really do hope that you can bring yourself to use someone else's
> code and contribute parts of Loki built on top of MPL. What harm
> could it do?

His concern is with the core philosophy of MPL. I can only relate
my personal experience, but I know that whenever I've seen an MPL
algorithm, I've had to contort my brain a fair amount to figure out
how it worked. Right now I can forget about writing new MPL
algorithms. I write STL algorithms all the time. Granted, there
was a learning curve for STL so maybe I am not giving MPL the
benefit of the doubt it deserves. But then again, I don't have
access to complete and correct MPL documentation like I did for
the STL.

To me, "functional programming/recursion" and "iteration" is an
unnatural juxtaposition.

But I haven't had much time to really look over MPL so take
everything I've said with a huge grain of salt.


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