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From: Ani Taggu (ataggu_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-04-16 20:20:11

One minor suggestion when moving AbstractFactory to boost -- it seems like a
good idea to use

typename ProductCreator=boost::function<AbstractProduct*>
instead of
typename ProductCreator = AbstractProduct* (*)()
class AbstractProduct,
typename IdentifierType,
typename ProductCreator = AbstractProduct* (*)()
class Factory ...

so that the boost functor can be used freely.

I use AbstractFactory right now in many of my programs. Using the boost
functor makes it much more general.

My $0.02,

-Ani Taggu

"Andrei Alexandrescu" <andrewalex_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> Hello,
> It seems like my message "Porting Loki to Boost (reprise)" failed to reach
> its intent. In the nine kilobytes of the message there was a sentence that
> was widely discussed.
> Many people here have strong opinions and strong ways of venting them. I
> the same. The way I express my opinions and my vested interest in Loki
> the wrong message, being interpreted as a "take it or leave it" attitude
> with regard to porting Loki to Boost. This is not the case, as the 9K of
> other message tried to convey.
> Furthermore, my criticisms addressed to other libraries might be seen by
> default as a comparison of those libraries with Loki, even though Loki
> doesn't even provide similar facilities, or provides them in a very
> rudimentary fashion.
> So I would like to make a new proposal.
> How about finding a lead, a person with enough enthusiasm and motivation
> take relevant parts of Loki to boost, and have that person collect
> and make decisions? That would have many beneficial effects. One is that
> voice will be probably better heard, and my points better taken, if I was
> just a kibitz among many others, rather than the sole (or principal)
> of Loki. Another benefit would be that the lead (at best a boost vet)
> better figure out the best ways of integrating what boost has with what
> offers.
> Again, at the risk of saying the "fatal one sentence" that will let this
> thread drag forever, I believe the components of Loki that could add value
> to Boost are: Smart Pointer, Visitor, Double Dispatch, Singleton, Object
> Factory, Abstract Factory. There are a couple of features in Functor that
> might suggest some changes in Boost's functor.
> At this point it's become irrelevant to me what typelist infrastructure
> would be best to use. If anything else, the long discussion that's just
> cooling down now is a witness that different people have different
> preferences.
> So, does anyone volunteer to be a lead? The proposed agenda is: start with
> Smart Pointers (a widely discussed component), then Visitor (a nice
> component that can benefit many other areas of boost), the two factories,
> Double Dispatch, and Singleton. The agenda is subject to change... by the
> lead :o).
> Also, a few people already expressed interest in participating at various
> levels. I'd be glad if they would reply to this message, telling whether
> they agree with the proposed approach, so we can build a list. Thank you.
> Andrei
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