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From: Raoul Gough (RaoulGough_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-04-26 12:14:07

I've just managed to compile and link the release 1_27_0 boost threads
library with gcc -mno-cygwin option under cygwin (i.e. mingw32) but
test_thread crashes during exit from the function condition_test_thread. I
had to fiddle a bit to get the boost libraries to compile and link, so I
assume this is not a widely used platform (cygwin in mingw mode, boost
1_27_0 and STLport-4.5.3).

Examining the assembler dump in gdb, the test seems to be crashing in some
exception-handler-related code at the end of condition_test_thread:

----- Disassembly with added comments --------

<condition_test_thread(void *)+222>:

;; data->awoken++; (last line of function)
mov 0xfffffffc(%ebp),%eax
incl 0x28(%eax)

;; Some kind of exception handler context stuff (?)
lea 0x4(%ebx),%edx
mov (%edx),%eax
add $0x4,%eax
mov (%eax),%edx
mov (%edx),%ecx ;; <--- SEGV here, $edx is 0
mov %ecx,(%eax)

;; boost::mutex::scoped_lock destructor stuff
add $0xfffffff8,%esp
push $0x2
lea 0xffffffe0(%ebp),%eax
push %eax
call 0x40cde8 <_$_Q45boost6detail6threadt11scoped_lock1ZQ25boost5mutex>
add $0x10,%esp

;; function exit stuff
mov 0xffffffb8(%ebp),%ebx
mov %ebp,%esp
pop %ebp

----- End disassembly --------

Before I spend too long chasing this, has anybody else seen anything similar
to this? Is anybody using the threads library with mingw and cygwin? I got
pretty much exactly the same crash in my own test code as well.

Raoul Gough.

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