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From: Victor A. Wagner, Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-05-18 11:00:42

A few more "thoughts"
At Friday 2002/05/17 10:22, you wrote:
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>From: "Pete Becker" <petebecker_at_[hidden]>
> > At 11:25 AM 5/17/2002 -0500, William E. Kempf wrote:
> >
> > >The problem is, as with auto_ptr, newbies
> > >don't understand the rules of move semantics so *they* are surprised.
> > >yes, I agree this is a major drawback to this solution
> >
> > It's only a major drawback if it's important to make mult-threaded
> > programming easy for newbies. Given the current state of technology that's
> > an impossible task, and any threading package that suggests that it does
> > this (in particular, java.lang.Thread) does them a disservice.
> >
> > Writing robust, fast multi-threaded applications requires expert design
> > expert implementation oversight. The target audience for a threading
> > library should be experts, not newbies.
>A few thoughts on this:
>1) In order to become an expert you have to start as a newbie.


>2) In the real world applications are written daily by non-experts that run
>in critical systems and use MT techniques.

sounds like a management problem (you know, like the one that caused the
Challenger to blow up).

>3) The goal isn't to make a library that totally insulates newbies from
>learning to be experts, but to illustrate (for learning purposes) and
>prevent the most common mistakes made (which aren't always made by newbies
>alone when it comes to MT programming).

This library isn't for "production" work then?
While I'm enthusiastic about properly teaching people how to do things
correctly, I hadn't realized this was the purpose of the threads library.

>In any event, I can't tell from this post whether or not you favor move
>semantics here. That's probably not the point of your post, but I'd still
>like to hear it.
>Bill Kempf
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