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From: Terence Wilson (tez_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-06-06 20:58:45

HTML isn't a security problem by itself, rather the problem lies in how
the client handles it. But rather than get into a debate about security,
I would say live and let live. Use whatever works for you, if the
majority of folks on the list don't like HTML, then over time your
messages will tend to be passed over. Legislating a particular format
just results in continual berating of newbies who don't know any better.

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On 2002-06-06 at 04:05 PM, jamescurran_at_[hidden] (James Curran/MVP)

> However, this does point to a rather interesting dichotomy in our
>operations here...
> With compilers, we write to the most modern standard, begrudgingly
>support old compilers, and consider those to insist on using such old
>compilers as holding back progress.
> With email, we write to the oldest standard, scorn features
> supported
>more modern email package, and consider those who use those features as

>troublemakers... ;-)

Yea, I know I'm draging the point on, but...

For some of us it's not an issue of using outdated email programs. My
program is modern, has better scripting and filtering capabilities than
those provided by the bloated "modern" email programs. Yet it only
supports plain text, and if it did support anything other than plain
text. I would turn that off because it's an eminent security problem.

My inflated $0.02 ;-\

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