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From: Mattias Flodin (flodin_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-06-07 10:11:32

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 04:05:21PM -0400, James Curran/MVP wrote:
> However, this does point to a rather interesting dichotomy in our
> operations here...
> With compilers, we write to the most modern standard, begrudgingly
> support old compilers, and consider those to insist on using such old
> compilers as holding back progress.
> With email, we write to the oldest standard, scorn features supported by
> more modern email package, and consider those who use those features as
> troublemakers... ;-)

Well I wouldn't call my email client unmodern. It has just elected not
to support HTML format mails (which, afaik, are not part of the SMTP/POP
standard). Instead, it has very good support for threaded mails and
mailing lists, which IMHO makes it a very good choice for reading the
Boost list.

The basic problem on my part though is that I connect to my Unix account
to read mail using an SSH client. I could run lynx to view the mail, but
it is still text-based and won't work in the long run for more fancy
documents, or when replying with quotes.

A more appropriate metaphor would be C++ compilers for embedded systems.
Full support for the minimum standard, but running in a rather
restricted environment. And, afaik, we do want to support that. :)

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