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From: Richard Hadsell (hadsell_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-06-19 15:46:38

Richard Hadsell wrote:
> These are the errors for the first compile that fails:
> cxx -o generic/boost_regex/cregex.o -c -O -I../../../ -arch ev6 -ieee -assume
> trusted_short_alignment -std ansi -nousing_std -D__USE_STD_IOSTREAM -ptr
> generic/boost_regex/cxx_repository ../src/cregex.cpp
> cxx: Error: ../../../boost/regex/detail/instances.hpp, line 104: no instance
> of overloaded function "boost::reg_expression<charT, traits,
> Allocator>::reg_expression [with charT=char,
> traits=boost::regex_traits<char>, Allocator=std::allocator<char>]"
> matches the specified type
> template
> reg_expression<BOOST_REGEX_CHAR_T>::reg_expression<BOOST_REGEX_CHAR_T>(const
> ---------^
> ...

I can fix the problem by changing lines 104-7 in instances.hpp, eliminating the
template specification <BOOST_REGEX_CHAR_T> after the constructor. E.g., change
line 104 to:

template reg_expression<BOOST_REGEX_CHAR_T>::reg_expression(const

I don't know whether the compiler is wrong or whether this change might break
the code for other compilers. If the compiler is at fault, I will report it to
Digipaqard (or whatever they are calling themselves this week).

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