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From: David Abrahams (david.abrahams_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-07-08 04:49:39

> 1. What are Jam targets?

Nodes in the build dependency DAG.

> How by looking on Jamfile I couldfind what are the
> valid targets?

No easy way, with a Boost.Build Jamfile. Boost.Build adds grist which
depends on the compiler and subvariant to main target names. The easiest
way might be to run bjam with -n -d+3 and watch the target names during the
dependency analysis phase. The description of the grist that gets added is

> 2. How Jam find what needs to be done to update the command?

That question is totally unintelligible to me.

> 3. If rules are interpreted during parsing stage, how could they invoke
> actions that are interpreted during update stage?

The action parts of rules are attached to the dependency graph for later
execution during update when the corresponding rules are invoked during

> 4. Does targets are case-sensitive?


> Cause Laura in presentation gives an
> example of actions Clean that is invoket liek jam clean.

I never looked at Laura's presentation.

> 5. Is there way to define an action but for internal use only, i.e. so
> user would not be able to invoke it?

Use a funky name they'd never think of.

> 6. Could somebody explain in simple words deal with "grisp"?

I suppose you mean "grist". I don't know what to add to the discussion
other than

> 7. From bootstrap.jam:
> SEARCH on <jam-module>boost-base.jam = $(BOOST_BUILD_PATH) ;
> What <jam-module> means here?

Nothing really. It's entirely optional grist. Grist is always stripped by
jam before binding a target or an include-file to the filesystem.


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