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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-07-24 09:08:25

At 12:23 AM 7/23/2002, Daryle Walker wrote:

>I just updated my CVS archive of Boost a few minutes ago and noted some
>1. There are now two files that have names longer than 31 characters.
> In BOOST_ROOT/boost/python/converter
> pytype_object_m...ager_traits.hpp
> In BOOST_ROOT/libs/property_map
> const_associati...operty_map.html

The other no-no is tabs and missing the final line ending.

Here are the current bad guys:

boost/graph/graph_as_tree.hpp : tabs
boost/pool/detail/mutex.hpp : tabs
boost/array.hpp : tabs
boost/format/feed_args.hpp : tabs
boost/format/msvc_disambiguater.hpp : tabs
boost/token_functions.hpp : tabs
boost/function.hpp : tabs
libs/any/test.hpp : tabs
libs/array_traits/ndim_array_example.cpp : tabs
libs/config/test/boost_no_template_template.cxx : tabs
libs/config/test/boost_no_mem_func_spec.cxx : tabs
libs/conversion/test.hpp : tabs
libs/dir_it/dir_it_tst.cpp : tabs
libs/dir_it/directory.cpp : tabs
libs/graph/example/graph_as_tree.cpp : tabs
libs/pool/test/sys_allocator.hpp : last line
libs/property_map/example1.cpp : tabs
libs/python/test/cltree.cpp : tabs
libs/python/test/submod_subclass_api.cpp : tabs
libs/rational/rational_example.cpp : tabs
libs/smart_ptr/shared_ptr_test.cpp : tabs
libs/tokenizer/examples.cpp : tabs
libs/format/example/sample_formats.cpp : tabs
libs/format/example/sample_userType.cpp : tabs
libs/format/test/format_test2.cpp : tabs
libs/dynamic_bitset/dyn_bitset_unit_tests1.cpp : tabs
tools/build/test/ : tabs,last line

>2. Some new/updated files have a double-spacing problem that I didn't
>in earlier revisions. The "dynamic_bitset.hpp" file is one of them.

Before the next release, I'll try to write a little program to find (and
possibly fix) funny line endings, per recent discussions.



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