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From: Terje Slettebø (tslettebo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-07-28 09:21:30

>From: "David Abrahams" <dave_at_[hidden]>

> From: "Damien Fisher" <damien_at_[hidden]>
> > It reminds me of that famous saying which I can't remember exactly, so
> > I'll paraphrase (badly)...if you get 20 people together to talk about
> > something, they'll sit there talking about the hard bit for 5 minutes
> > and then debate the easy bit for hours, because the issues are familiar
> > to them, and it's easier to debate than to think :).
> See the bottom of

Yeah, the "Parkinson's Bicycle Shed". However, naming is also important.
Language shape the way we think, so both words and syntax is important.

I've heard that it has been said at Boost something like, "Syntax matters,
or we'd all be writing in assembly." I think you may extend this, and say
"Naming is important, or we'd all write in machine code (1's and 0's)."


As you are quoted here (, "An
important purpose (I daresay the primary purpose) of source code is
communication: the documentation of intent."

I agree with that. Clear naming is important for clear code.

What I think is more "Parkinson's Bicycle Shed" is discussion of the
placement of braces, indentation, etc. That may be interesting as well,
though. :)



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