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From: Iain K.Hanson (iain.hanson_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-07-29 13:25:17

I don't come from a LISP or functional programming background. The use of
quoted does not mean anything to me. I disliked its use it Mat Marcus's
tutorial piece ( no disrespect to Mat ) as it seemed to hinder my

Aleksey and Dave A's paper works for me in its discription of
"metefunction-class" and how this differs from a "metafunction" so I would
go with "metafunction-class".

Whilst on the subject of names, I like if_ and prefer it to select_if.
Particularly as the only two published books on meta programming for C++ ( C
& E and MC++D ) both use a form of if. When I first downloaded MPL it took
me ages to discover that select_if was what I needed for a meta if.

iter_fold is another name that gives me problems. And it is not the iter
part but the fold.
fold is meaningless to most C++ programmers. I appreciate the problem with
accumulate, but it still is a much more intuative name.

just my 2p worth.


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Mat Marcus wrote:
> Anyway never mind all of this. I don't really like these names
> that much, I was just trying to suggest alternatives since
> nobody else (with the exception of Peter Dimov) seemed to like
> "quoted metafunction".

Actually, I think that "quoted metafunction" is almost okay; I don't think
it's a better fit, though, because it's sounds a little bit foreign to C++
world, especially comparing to the competitor ;).

But anyway, I think I've already been stubborn enough to prove that a few
people would _really_ like to see the terminology changed :), so, I am
interested to see how many people on this list prefer one term ("quoted
metafunction") to another ("metafunction-class"). If "metafunction-class" is
going to be voted down, so be it.

Votes, anyone?

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