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From: Ronald Garcia (garcia_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-08-07 09:53:56

Yitzhak Sapir wrote:

>I had seen some conversion facets in the boost files area. What are those?
>Also, it's my understanding (after having written my own Unicode conversion facet) that there is no way to portably write conversion facets, although it's possible to get close. I had written about this in comp.lang.c++.moderated: I really hope these issues are solved somehow. It would be wonderful to be able to write compression or encryption conversion facets.
There are two independent implementations of unicode codecvt facets in
the files section. I wrote one in order to learn about both extending
iostreams and unicode itself. Using my codecvt facet (located at: )
one manipulate a UTF-8 encoded file internally as UCS-4. The facet
handles translations in both directions. In addition, there is also a
transform iterator which allows you to view a buffer of utf-8 encoded
data as though it were ucs-4 encoded.

There is also another codecvt facet ( which I believe
handles a superset of the above facet, but I only looked at it briefly a
while ago and I don't think it had documentation.

I haven't looked at this material in a while, so my memory might be inexact.



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