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From: Victor A. Wagner, Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-08-12 02:43:30

At Sunday 2002/08/11 18:21, you wrote:
>I understand why people think that async calls should throw, but again,
>threads are not async calls in the fashion that people are thinking.

here we have a summary of why this discussion has been going on for so long.

your assertion that "threads are not....." is outside of my experience in
multi-tasking. COMPLETELY outside.
Now I admit, that my experience with "antagonist multi-tasking" (where the
tasks compete for resources without any regard for others sharing the
computer) is almost non-existent. It is, unfortunately, what has
apparently been studied in great detail at the universities, because their
systems all face exactly that problem (everyone want's all of the resources
now and hang the rest, MY job needs to get done).
There is another form for which we (at Computer Automation) coined the term
"cooperative multi-tasking" which is that used in embedded system. That
is, ALL of the programmers are at least aware of what other things are
likely to be running, and it is important to get THE job done, rather than
MY portion.

I believe that boost:threads is more suited to the cooperative than the
antagonistic multi-tasking model.
We're not trying to write a bullet-proof OS with boost:threads (I sure hope
not... C++ doesn't have the requisite constructs to do that)
We're trying to build applications which can cohesively use multi-tasking
concepts in order to handle a given task.

my apologies for not seeing this earlier.

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