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From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-08-14 16:12:27

At 02:59 PM 8/14/2002, Jeff Garland wrote:

>I'm trying to write a program to list a directory using the filesystem
>I'm running into a couple problems. First, here's the program:
>#include "boost/filesystem/operations.hpp"
>#include <iostream>
>namespace fs = boost::filesystem;
>int main()
> try {
> fs::path start("/home");
Change this to:

      fs::path start("/home", fs::system_specific);

> fs::directory_iterator end_itr;
> fs::directory_iterator dir_itr(start);
> for (;dir_itr != end_itr; ++dir_itr) {
> std::cout << (dir_itr->file_path()) << std::endl;
> }
> }
> catch(std::exception& e) {
> std::cout << e.what() << std::endl;
> }
> return 0;
>The first problem is that the checking code will not construct "/home" as
>valid path. This is a result of invalid_chars containing a '/'. When I
>remove '/' from the invalid_chars array the construction is allowed to
>as expected. Seems like "/home" should be allowed on Unix or

See above. It should definite work with the "system_specific" constructor.
It is a bug in filesystem code if it doesn't.

>The second problem is that the program crashes on a ~directory_iterator
>when it calls to the counted_base destructor which fails in free. I
>not reproduce the problem by just constructing the iterators so it must
>have something to do with the results of operator++. Any ideas?

No. I've got a Linux box here (or rather the pieces of one that I put
together when I need to), but haven't tested recent versions on it. I'm
planning to re-test before the formal review, but doubt I will get to that
for a couple of weeks unless the 1.29.0 release goes smoothly.

Sorry, that isn't much help. If you can get me any more information, maybe
a bell will ring. Do make sure you have the latest version from the
sandbox CVS.


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