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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-09-09 19:45:43

From: "Paul Mensonides" <pmenso57_at_[hidden]>

> I have no major problem removing the Javascript from the PP libs. It is
no big
> deal, but nevertheless, the pp-lib documentation is using compliant code
> works on the two most used browsers (by far) MS and Netscape. Also, it
> do any browser detection at all.

You did a nice job with these pages, definitely. I still have problems with
the interface sometimes, though. Also, I think the use of frames is going
to be a problem for those of us that want to print or post links.

> Things are getting better as far as compliance
> to the DOM. This, as with tabs in source files, is not really a big deal
to me,
> but I find it kind of ironic that Boost seems to abhor evolution is
> everything but C++ itself. I understand interests of portibility and all
> and I'm not saying it isn't valid. However, I now have to dumb down the
> of the interface for browsers that aren't compliant. I though we cared
> standards here?

Think of it this way: we're pushing the limits hard in the area of C++.
Managing workarounds for non-compliant and/or slow compilers is as much as
we can handle. Trying to do the same for browsers will push us over the

> > > 6. According to recent info in net ~95-97 present of browsers domain
> > > covered by ie and clones. Among the developers numbers are different
> > > course but ie still prevail I think. All others browsers try to keep
> > with
> > > de facto standard ie. Though I would not want to discuss this point
> > > much.
> >
> > I'm glad you said that, because usage patterns like this mean NOTHING
> > this context. If I were designing an online website for banking, for
> > instance, I might be swayed by such data, but if there's a single Boost
> > who can't make use of the documentation because of Javascript, well...
> > that's one user too many.
> Yes they do. They may not be the most important thing, but presentation
> matter--even for Boost.

Absolutely. Especially for Boost. Just remember that reliability and
straightforwardness are elements of the presentation which are often

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