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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-09-12 18:07:00

From: "Eric Woodruff" <Eric.Woodruff_at_[hidden]>

> Here are my two cents on the serialization library:
> I haven't looked through it that much, just this message thread actually,
> but I plan on looking through what it supports further. (I'm still
> for the link to where I can download it and check it out)
> 1) I disagree with the use of the << operator. iostreams already have
> claimed this operator and they mean a very specific usage: they imply
> formating, which includes removal of whitespace etc. This is a very
> different function of writing something out in binary.

I think you might be missing the fact that some things may be serialzed as

> 2) void pointers are bad practice, and in one of the usages I saw below,
> completely unnecessary. C++ provides templates, so use them. The idea of
> translating a type to a byte array should always require a reinterpret
> template <typename Object>
> void write_binary (Object const* const object) {
> /// do stuff reinterpret_cast and const_cast if necessary get a char
> const* const
> }
> You should never just ignore type information, no matter what the

That's just wrong for portable code, since reinterpret_cast<> has
unspecified behavior.
void* has particular well-defined meanings, and a rule to avoid it prevents
successful implementation of many valid and useful constructs.

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Please try to limit the length of quoted text in your postings. That was
way over the limit.

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