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From: Rozental, Gennadiy (Gennadiy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-09-16 01:23:32

--- Beman Dawes <bdawes_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>At 07:47 PM 9/8/2002, Peter Schmid wrote:
> >I am running the boost regression test suites on a weekly basis on my
> >i686-pc-linux-gnu based system testing gcc. Since about three weeks or so
> >there are many additional failures running the old,
> >regression.cpp-based, test suite. Many test cases do longer link, e.g.:
>Unfortunately, the new Boost.Test Version 2 breaks the old regression
>test. You will need to switch to the new bjam based regression tests.
>I've been trying to convince Gennadiy that it is a bad idea to gratuitously
>break old code, but so far he has resisted changes to recognize
>BOOST_INCLUDE_MAIN and revert to the old behavior.

On one hand I would like the users to use latest, more expressive, test
framework. While on the other hand I would not want to force any undesired
burden on existent Boost.Test users. So I will yield to any community
decision if we will be able to find the consensus on one. Here is the
1. Leave as is.
  Bjam based testing already new Boost test aware and is working.
  Old regression testing does not work. It should not be used any more at
all or it will need to be changed to link with appropriate Boost.Test
  Out of Boost users need to change their projects/makefiles to link with
appropriate Boost.Test component or use boost/test/minimal.hpp
instead of boost/test/test_tools.hpp + BOOST_INCLUDE_MAIN.
2. Incorporate switch to boost/test/minimal.hpp into
boost/test/test_tools.hpp based on BOOST_INCLUDE_MAIN
   Jamfiles will need to be changed back to not link with Boost.Test
components. In all other cases it should work as is
  This option has also one more decision point: should we keep this switch
temporary for this release. or permanently. In later case only those who
intentionally do not define BOOST_INCLUDE_MAIN will use complete Boost.Test



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