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From: Victor A. Wagner, Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-09-16 10:58:34

Apologies, I hadn't realized that my old copy of Eudora knew anything about
HTML. At any rate, the problem STILL exists. Here is the error message
"sanitized" by pasting into notepad before pasting into the EMail message:

C:\Boost Releases\boost\boost\mpl\if.hpp(146) : error C2970:
'boost::mpl::aux::if_impl' : template argument 'C' : invalid use of
non-integral-constant static variable 'value' as non-type argument
         C:\Boost Releases\boost\boost\mpl\if.hpp(113) : see declaration of
         C:\Boost Releases\boost\boost\mpl\if.hpp(150) : see reference to
class template instantiation 'boost::mpl::if_<C,T1,T2>' being compiled
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\Vc7\include\xlocmon(227) :
fatal error C1903: unable to recover from previous error(s); stopping

This must be some internal boost reference to mpl. I certainly don't
intentionally include it in my code

At Monday 2002/09/16 05:43, you wrote:
>Please DO NOT POST HTML in your Boost emails. I wish I could show you just
>what your message looks like on my screen, but I'm not going to make
>matters worse by posting a picture back to the list. Suffice it to say that
>the error message text is completely unreadable, with about 6-8 pixels
>devoted to each character.
>Thank you,
>Dave Abrahams
Victor A. Wagner Jr.
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