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From: parksie ;-) (mike_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-09-19 15:32:41

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On Thursday 19 September 2002 9:23 pm, you wrote:
> Hello
> I propose the following changes to the filesystem path interface in order
> to solve the problem of rooted/absolute paths.
> I'd like to introduce the notion of a path 'root' and of an 'absolute
> path'.
> Root:
> A filessystem can have multiple roots(e.g. C:;D:) each filesystem has at
> least one root. A path can be rooted. That means it belongs to the
> hierarchie of its root.
> Roots are modelled by a newly introduced root type that
> provides the following public interface. An access method
> is added to path to retrieve the root. Whether Root has to be default
> constructable needs further investigation.
> *snip code*
> The path iterator no longer references the root element of the
> path. I.e. iterating over a path means iterating over path elements
> as defined in the grammar. From my experience that would greatly
> simplify path iteratoin.
> Absolut Path:
> An absolute path describes a fixed named location in a filesystem
> hierarchy. Note that the location is fixed with respect to the name
> not the referenced entity. Its counterpart is the relative path. An
> absolute path must have a non-empty root. A relative path does not have to
> be rooted but it can be rooted. Forinstance on Windows C:xy.txt is a
> relative rooted path.
> To support the notion of relative/absolute paths the following methods are
> added/modofied. Whether these should be members/nonmembers needs further
> investigation
> *snip code*
> Comments ?
> --Thomas

This could make the .tar reading I'm doing a lot simpler, at the moment I'm
having difficulty because it basically means rewriting the directory_iterator
for whatever arrangement the set of files in the archive gets stored as.

If it would just mean altering this "root" class, I can see it getting easier.

Mike (still mashing tar_directory_iterator into shape)
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