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From: scleary_at_[hidden]
Date: 2002-10-02 08:52:36

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> From: Yitzhak Sapir [mailto:yitzhaks_at_[hidden]]
> 1) Usually I declare my classes as
> class some_class
> {
> ...
> private:
> class impl;
> boost::scoped_ptr<impl> m_impl;
> ...
> };
> It seems to me more natural that the implementation class of
> the class belongs to the class rather than sits outside of
> it. Using this, it becomes harder to use a pimpl_base. I
> also think having those two lines is a little clearer than
> inheriting from pimpl_base (but just a little).

As you mention in your second point, changing pimpl_base to a scoped_ptr
adapter isn't difficult.

> 2) I know I can write an adaptor for scoped_ptr to do this
> (calling it impl_ptr or whatever). I suggested it before,
> and I'll probably do it soon for myself. This post, I was
> thinking that since a scoped_ptr is the owner of the data,
> const functions on the pointer should give const data. Maybe
> I'm just wrong or missing something :) But since passing
> scoped_ptr's as an argument may be rare (passing p.get() may
> be a better option), is there really a need to have a
> operator->()const (and operator*() const) that returns a
> non-const T? (Even a rare use-case would suffice for me to
> convince me it's wrong to have them in scoped_ptr, I was just
> suggesting something).

I often use const as:
. A hint to the compiler's optimizer
. A hint to other programmers

  const scoped_ptr<T> x(..);
  The pointer object 'x' will *always* point to the same object that it is
constructed with here. It will not be reset() to be null, or to point to
another object.
but does *not* mean:
  The object being pointed to is const

I am not in the general habit of passing scoped_ptr's to functions, but if I
did, I would expect:
  void f(const scoped_ptr<T> &);
to mean:
  f() cannot change the value of the pointer object
  f() cannot modify the object being pointed to

In general, most smart pointer classes just have less suprising behavior
when they follow "const rules" similar to raw pointers.


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