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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-10-10 14:21:55

Alkis Evlogimenos <alkis_at_[hidden]> writes:

> I will soon have a daily cron job running on a vanilla Radhat 8.0 (glibc
> 2.2.93, gcc 3.2). I am planning on installing a couple of more compilers to
> this machine, but I fail to see how I can create a regression results report
> for different versions of gcc on the same html file (the different versions
> will be chosen by passing the compiler the -V <version> option).


It turns out that there's no reliable way to set up gcc to use -V. If
you have an installation which is using -V (meaning that you've
installed multiple versions of GCC without using --with-prefix= during
the configure step, or you used the same --with-prefix=), then
probably all versions that you have installed are broken in some
way. It may *seem* to be working for you, but it will break on valid
programs. Trust me, I've been around and around with the GCC
developers about this.

So the first thing you need to do is reinstall all of your
GCCs. Configure each one --with-prefix= something different. I use
/usr/local/gcc-<version>. Unfortunately there's no prescribed way to
deinstall what you've already mis-installed :-( You just have to pick
through the filesystem and delete things.

Second, you should make a new toolset file for each version of
GCC. However, you don't need to copy the whole toolset file. The
enclosed gcc-3.0.4-tools.jam is what I use for gcc-3.0.4 on my system,
where the normal gcc toolset works for gcc-3.2 (in Boost.Build v2,
this will be a lot easier).

I have a separate directory, ~/my-toolsets, where I keep additional
toolsets. I set the environment variable BOOST_BUILD_PATH to point at
that directory and it picks up all of the additional toolsets, so I
can write:

> bjam "-sTOOLS=gcc gcc-3.0.4" test

Note that the quotes are designed to pass a single argument containing
spaces to the bjam program. Some Unix shells seem to have trouble
doing that, so might need to adjust to your system.


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