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From: Jeff Garland (jeff_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-10-19 09:06:08

> There are some functions in gregorian::date wich is documented in doxygen
> but not in the boost library docs. Like day_number accessor and constructor
> and *julian*, are these meant to be a part of the public interface or an
> implementation detail?

The day_number is a public method and should be documented in the
normal docs. The julian methods you see are a result of me
accidentally running the doxygen stuff against my working tree
instead of the release -- sorry for the confusion. So the
julian_day and modjulian_day functions are a preview of things
to come in the next release.
> > Ok, well I don't see why that would happen. Anyway the regression
> > test on VC7 are fine, so I'm not worried. Is that the full snap
> > of the error or is the :xxx and :yyy shortened? If so, please
> > include the full text.
> Well the following in a cpp file and /W4
> #include <boost/date_time/posix_time/posix_time.hpp>
> void date_time_test() {}
> gives the following output (pardon for the lengthy output):
> date_time_test.cpp
> ... warning details deleted...
> And I'm sure all conversions are ok and considered. So it's a minor issue,
> but it's nice when libraries is warning level 4 compliant.

I agree. Thanks for the detailed output. I'll see what we can do about it.
Given that the regression tests are clean, this must mean that we are not
running with level 4 turned on for MSVC7?
> BTW thanks for a good date_time library.

Your welcome :-)
> We are in the process of migrating a medium sized project to use
> boost.date_time throughout. We have waited to quite late in the project to
> handle dates and times fully because we have long waited for the library. I
> decided to use the library since I saw the first discussions and drafts on
> this list. I thought it could interest you to know that there are some early
> adopters out here ;)

Wow, that's patience! Sorry that it has taken so long, but I have to pay for
the lights and have a bit of a life NOT in front of a computer before I get to
work on this stuff. It turns out there are other boosters out there
have been using, commenting, and helping to evolve the library. Their support
has been invaluable in doing porting, finding bugs, and improving the library.
Anyway, keep the feedback and suggestions coming...


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