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From: Victor A. Wagner, Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-10-25 05:39:43

At Thursday 2002/10/24 09:16, "Andrei Alexandrescu"
<andrewalex_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>"Edward Diener" <eddielee_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> > A size of 500 KB is non-negligible but given the multi-megabyte and 700K
> > so modules you quote above, I think you are overreacting to size in and of
> > itself. Look at the size of language vendor shared libraries nowadays.
> > are easily 500K on my system ( W2K ) and often into the multi-megabyte
> > Distributions with rich functionality often run to 3,4,5 megabytes if not
> > more. This too me is common.
>500 KB is huge for a package that ONLY does regular expressions. Let's take
>a look at libraries:
>wininet.dll: 570 KB (includes HTTP parser, FTP state machine, URL parser...)
>mshtml.dll: 2,695 KB (a lot of IE)
>msjet40.dll: 1,469 KB (database engine, includes SQL parser)
>mfc70.dll: 952 KB (the whole darling MFC compiled as a dll)
>msvcrt20.dll: 248 KB (The ENTIRE C standard library)
>I rest my case.
> > I think size as a matter of inelegant and/or irrelevant code and bad
> > is important, but not size as a matter in and of itself.
>Of course. Without even looking, if my only option to use regex++ or greta
>for *any* regexp need (no matter how simple!) is to deal with a 500 KB
>gorilla, then...
> > > The current
> > > perception is that when it comes about string manipulation and I/O, C++
> > > primitive and arcane.
> >
> > The current perception is wrong
>What's wrong about it? Show me ONE guy who says: "I'm a fan of iostreams!"

I raise my hand!!
<aside>My debate professor suggested we _always_ ask for, and give, two(2)
examples, because "there's one(1) example for anything."</aside>

>I/O in C++ sucks. String manipulation in C++ is at the substr() and
>replace() level.
>All new! THE C++ Seminar: Oct. 28-30 in Vancouver, WA.

Wish I could have been there (Vancouver)... things unfortunately came up.

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