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From: Anthony Williams (anthony.williamsNOSPAM_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-11-04 10:45:37

Douglas Gregor writes:
> On Wednesday 30 October 2002 08:35 pm, David Bergman wrote:
> > I used to do *a lot of* LaTeX macroing back then, and can probably catch
> > up if noone else volunteers ;-)
> Sold!
> > Does anyone have an idea of what macros we would need (the actual
> > enumeration could be stolen from some existing C++ "literation" system,
> > such as Doxygen(?))?
> Well, I picked a set of constructs for the XSLT/XML prototype. You're welcome
> to steal those if you'd like, or completely ignore them and go with something
> better :). Here's a possible LaTeXified fragment:
> \begin{namespace}{boost}
> \begin{class}{function}
> \templateparam{Signature}
> \templateparam{Allocator}[std::allocator<void>]
> \typedef{Allocator}{allocator_type}
> \end{class}
> \end{namespace}

As a test, I have a LaTeX stylesheet that converts the following into
syntactically-valid, but poorly formatted, C++:

    \baseclass[private virtual]{def}



This becomes:

namespace hello_there
template < typename boo = default_type, typename foo >
class someclass :
public foo, private abc, private virtual def
typedef int int_type;
template < typename Allocator >
class nestedclass :
class double_nested
template < typename Allocator >
class nestedclass :
typedef double float_type;
typedef someclass<foo> footype;

With a bit of effort, I could improve the formatting. I also have a partial
TeX4HT stylesheet to convert this LaTeX to Doug's suggested XML syntax.

Oh, and to the people who know LaTeX --- yes, those are real underscores, not
\_. This messes up using $$ for displaymath, but $ for math still works, with
underscore invoking subscript as normal.


Anthony Williams
Senior Software Engineer, Beran Instruments Ltd.
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