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From: Yakov Lerner (w) (yakov.lerner_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-11-06 11:07:05

David Abrahams wrote:
> Have you tried with the latest Boost CVS state?
I am re-trying with latest Boost CVS state, right now.
Still no luck with Workshop 6u2;
although errors are different this time:

CC -c -O2 -I../../../ -mt -o sunpro/libboost_regex/cregex.o
"../../..//boost/regex/detail/regex_match.hpp", line 216: Error: Could
not find a match for std::distance<std::ForwardIterator,
std::Distance>(const char*, const char*).
"../../..//boost/regex/detail/regex_match.hpp", line 241: Where:
While instantiating "boost::re_detail::_priv_match_data<const char*,
boost::detail::allocator<char>>::estimate_max_state_count(const char*,
const char*, unsigned, std::random_access_iterator_tag*)".
"../../..//boost/regex/detail/regex_match.hpp", line 241: Where:
Instantiated from boost::re_detail::_priv_match_data<const char*,
boost::re_detail::match_results_base<const char*,
boost::detail::allocator<char>>&, const char*, const char*, unsigned).
"../../..//boost/regex/detail/regex_match.hpp", line 1706: Where:
Instantiated from boost::regex_match<const char*,
boost::detail::allocator<char>, char, boost::regex_traits<char>,
boost::detail::allocator<char>>(const char*, const char*,
boost::match_results<const char*, boost::detail::allocator<char>>&,
const boost::reg_expression<char, boost::regex_traits<char>,
boost::detail::allocator<char>>&, unsigned).
"../src/cregex.cpp", line 221: Where: Instantiated from non-template
1 Error(s) detected.

Jacob Lerner

> "Yakov Lerner (w)" <yakov.lerner_at_[hidden]> writes:
> > bug report:
> > Missing check for __SUNPRO_CC in list/for_each_i.hpp
> > makes it impossible to build regex under Sun Forte 6u2 Solaris 8,
> > (boost v1.29.0) Here are compilation errors:
> Have you tried with the latest Boost CVS state?
> I added some Sun-related PP lib workarounds not long ago.
> --
> David Abrahams
> dave_at_[hidden] *
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