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From: Aleksey Gurtovoy (agurtovoy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-11-12 04:26:52

Douglas Gregor wrote:
> On Monday 11 November 2002 04:56 am, Aleksey Gurtovoy wrote:
> [snip my limited example]
> > Hmm, interesting, so if this actually worked, we would be happy:
> >
> [snip nifty-looking is_callable implementation]
> >
> > ?
> Well, you need to do some trickery to make it work when R=void,
> but otherwise I think we would be _very_ happy if this worked. Is
> there a tweak to the core language that would guarantee such a thing?

Well, since that particular reason of type deduction failure (attempting to
call a member function on the object which type does not contain the
specified member) is not explicitly listed under 14.8.2 para 2, yes, in one
or another form. I haven't figured out yet what would be the best way
(politically and technically) to get that part of the language into the
state we would like it to have ;).

Hmm, actually, this one is _already_ required to work:

    #include "boost/mpl/bool_c.hpp"
    #include "boost/mpl/logical/and.hpp"
    #include "boost/type_traits/is_class.hpp"
    #include "boost/static_assert.hpp"

    namespace mpl = boost::mpl;

    typedef char (&no_tag)[1];
    typedef char (&yes_tag)[2];

    template< long > struct sink {};
    template<typename T> T get();

    template< typename Functor, typename R, typename T1 >
    no_tag has_call_operator_tester(...);

    template< typename Functor, typename R, typename T1 >
    yes_tag is_callable_helper(
          sink< sizeof(static_cast<R>(
              get<Functor>().Functor::operator()( get<T1>() ) // here

          typename Functor, typename R, typename T1
    struct has_function_call_operator
        : mpl::bool_c<
              == sizeof(yes_tag)

          typename Functor, typename R, typename T1
    struct is_callable
        : mpl::logical_and<
            , has_function_call_operator<Functor,R,T1>

    struct her {};
    struct my { int operator()(int); };


The marked line falls directly under one of the 14.8.2 para 2's items:

"-- Attempting to use a type in the qualifier portion of a qualified name
that names a type when that
type does not contain the specified member [...]"

So getting 'is_callable' might be as easy as filing a bug report to your
favorite vendor(s) (and following it up until it's fixed, of course :).


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