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From: David B. Held (dheld_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-11-28 12:36:02

"Aleksey Gurtovoy" <agurtovoy_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> [...]
> Actually, the errors have little to do with MPL in general or lambda in
> particular;

Andrei won't be happy to hear that. ;)

> [...]
> inside another class template definition, can choose, for its own internal
> purposes, to substitute 'storage_policy' by 'int' type - and proceed with
> further declarations.

Ouch! Who was the genius that implemented this?

> [...]
> Fortunately, once you know what's happening, the bug is easy to
> template< typename T > struct pointer_type
> {
> typedef typename T::pointer_type type;
> };
> #if defined(BOOST_MPL_MSVC_ETI_BUG)
> template<> struct pointer_type<int>
> {
> typedef int type;
> };
> #endif

So my understanding is if ETI instantiates the template and mutates it to
this hack will prevent the compiler from trying to extract the nested type,
returning a bogus int type. And then, when the template gets *properly*
instantiated, it will use the non-specialized version?

> [...]
> Well, having said that, I should note that actually MPL's lambda on MSVC
> (and Borland, currently) _does_ work slightly differently from its normal
> counterpart, setting up some additional pitfalls.

Hey, that's not your fault. I'm just glad lambda can be *made* to work.

> [...]
> template <class Policy>
> struct get_category
> {
> typedef typename Policy::policy_category type;
> BOOST_MPL_AUX_LAMBDA_SUPPORT(1,get_category,(Policy))
> };

Ok, so I see that this looks just like the policies. Since it is an MPL
metafunction that passes through lambda, it needs to have the AUX macro
just like the policies?

> [...]
> Since, naturally, '_' placeholder doesn't have a nested 'policy_category'
> member, the above will be ill-formed as written when compiled on a
> non-conforming compiler.

Yes, I noticed that. Early instantiation sure is a pain to work around.

> [...]
> template <class Policy>
> struct get_category
> : mpl::if_<
> mpl::is_placeholder<Policy>
> , mpl::identity<Policy>
> , get_category_impl<Policy>
> >::type
> {
> BOOST_MPL_AUX_LAMBDA_SUPPORT(1,get_category,(Policy))
> };

So this is like a meta-compile-time check to avoid early instantiation? And
again, because get_category is a metafunction going through lambda, we
need the AUX macro. I think it's sinking in, very slowly. ;)

> On an aside note, in general, unless you are very intimate with particular
> compiler's idiosyncrasies, it much easier to debug a complex template
> code on more or less conforming compiler (Comeau, Intel C++, GCC 3.2)
> and then adopt it for MSVC and Borland, than fight with the last two while
> catching your own bugs.

Well, my code worked just fine on bcc and gcc before I started hacking it
to pieces for MSVC. The troubles started when MSVC didn't like 80% of
what I had written for the other compilers!

> [...]
> Attached is a modified 'smart_ptr.hpp' that more or less compiles on MSVC
> 6.5, Intel C++ 6.0, and GCC 3.2 (see the test for the details). You'll
> the latest boost CVS snapshot for that.

Dude, you rock!!! I haven't gotten a chance to play with the code yet, but
looks like you took care of most of my remaining problems. Thanks a lot for
your help!


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