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From: Lin Xu (risingdragon3_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-02-13 01:01:02

Attached is a prelimary replacement for function_traits.hpp. (When should I
use the files section on yahoo? When should I attach? copy and paste code

I added specializations for member function pointers, and for those
specializations, a typedef class_type which is the class type of the
pointer. For no-PTS compilers I added a set of template functions for
function pointers.

Unfortunely when I tried to test this by doing:
cout << boost::function<void (A::*)()>::arity << endl;
The following errors occured:
main.cpp: In instantiation of `boost::function_traits<void (A::*)()>':
main.cpp:33: instantiated from here
main.cpp:33: base class `boost::detail::function_traits_helper<void
   has incomplete type
It looks like the add_pointer doesn't know what to do with member function

This may affect many things, so I didn't touch anything else :)

Would this affect boost::function? (from what I know it has some kind of
member function pointer adaptor?)

Lin Xu

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