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From: Aleksey Chernoraenko (achernoraenko_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-02-14 13:55:16

Hi Doug,

Sorry, I forgot about these dependencies. Actually we are using the makefile
There is another related issue. We would like to have automatic library
selection feature. This hides the details about which DLL to link to from
the users (regex library does the same thing). For this reason we made
header file and a few changes to include it. This header defines the naming
scheme based on compiler options and contains the lib specifier (#pragma
comment) that allows to pass the library name to the linker.

Unfortunately, I don't know bjam well to build the libraries and DLLs which
file names will correspond to chosen naming scheme.
By the way the regex's Jamfile cannot produce the files corresponding to
it's naming scheme. Maybe it is impossible in bjam system?

If you want I send the header and the needed changes.


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From: Douglas Gregor [mailto:gregod_at_[hidden]]
Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 11:08 AM
To: Aleksey Chernoraenko
Subject: Re: [boost] boost_signals.dll contains no symbols

Hello Aleksey,
  You'll have to excuse my ignorance on the subject of DLLs. I'm accustomed
Unix, where there is no notion of import/export and everything just
  Did you also have a Jamfile patch? I'm assuming that I need to define
BOOST_SIGNALS_STATIC_LINK when building a static version of the library, but

not define anything when building a dynamic version of the library (?).


On Friday 14 February 2003 03:12 am, Aleksey Chernoraenko wrote:
> Douglas Gregor wrote:
> >On Sunday 09 February 2003 08:46 pm, Davlet Panech wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> I just compiled build 1.29 with MS Visual C++ 6, and one of the
> libraries,
> >> boost_signals.dll does not export any symbols (and, as a consequence,
> >> corresponding .LIB file is generated). Is that normal? A library with
> >> symbols is quite useless, no? Anyhow, I'm not really using the signals
> >> library, nor I have the time to investigate, I just thought I'd let
> >> somebody know, because it seems suspicous.
> >
> >Thanks for reporting this. The Signals library is missing
> dllimport/dllexport
> >specifiers throughout. I'll try to get this fixed for 1.30.0.
> Hi Doug,
> We needed dynamic dll of Boost.Signals library and we fixed the
> dllimport/export problem. The attached files are context diffs (diff -u)
> against the current cvs state.
> Note that we had to move the slot_base's "get_invocable_slot",
> "get_inspectable_slot" and "tag_type" template member functions to
> namespace scope because otherwise the dll would be required to provide all
> possible instantiations of those.
> Hope it helps you and us, :)
> AC.
> archer_at_[hidden]
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