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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-02-18 15:59:52

[2003-02-18] Chris Little wrote:

>on 2/18/03 10:58 AM, Beman Dawes at bdawes_at_[hidden] wrote:
>> In looking at the Mac OS (Darwin) regression tests to see why there are
>> many failures, a number of tests are failing with only this message:
>> /usr/local/boost/boost/type_traits/is_float.hpp:22: warning: use of `long
>> double' type; its size may change in a future release
>> /usr/local/boost/boost/type_traits/is_float.hpp:22: warning: (Long double
>> usage is reported only once for each file.
>> /usr/local/boost/boost/type_traits/is_float.hpp:22: warning: To disable
>> this warning, use -Wno-long-double.)
>> There are two odd things about this:
>> 1) This is just a warning so why is the test being reported as failing?
>> 2) The darwin toolset specifies CFLAGS : -Wno-long-double, so why is the
>> warning even being issued?
>> Any ideas? (I can't test because of lack of access to the platform.)
>The posted regression test was done with the gcc toolset but on Mac OS X.
>You can tell because the heading on the Pass/Fail column says GNU GCC
>instead of darwin. The gcc toolset doesn't include the flag to disable the
>long double warning.
>I just ran the test regression tests and there were significantly fewer
>I would be will to run regular regression tests if someone would explain
>where I need to post the output.

scp <result-file>.html

Reapeat that for the the index and the links files.

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