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From: Thorsten Ottosen (nesotto_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-03-01 19:29:51

Hi Boosters,

The container algorithms are almost finished (at least for complient
compilers). This means we can do the following for all standard algorithms:

int array[] = { .... };
std::pair<iterator,iterator> = ...;
vector v = ....;

std::copy( <one_of_the_three_containers>, <one_of_the_containers> );
All the conde is in the sandbox in


 So I would like to get some feedback on these issues:

1. by overloading some names raises ambiguity. The obvious solution is to
change the name of the algorithm slightly. Currently I have
    put those algorithms in an extra namespace "ext". Another possibility
was to add an underscore.
2. many standard algorithms take a single output iterator as an argument.
Currently the argument for output must be a container. Should
    it be posible to specify an iterator here too?
3. What kind of documentation would be appropriate for this library? I
imagine a very short one.
4. The code implement poor mans partial specialization to enable the
container_traits to work with buggy compilers; so far so good; however,
    many compilers cannot even do partial ordering of function templates
which is a real pain in the ****. I know the workaround might be
    to say

    template< typename C >
    inline typename
    begin( C c )
        return container_traits<C>::function_t::begin( c );

instead of

    template< typename C >
    inline typename
    begin( C& c )
        return container_traits<C>::function_t::begin( c );

    template< typename C >
    inline typename
    begin( const C& c )
        return container_traits<C>::function_t::begin( c );

but C can be a huge STL container. Can we assume compilers will inline code
and not copy anything?

   5. Should the small boost extensions like iota etc be included with this
realease as well?



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