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From: Gennaro Prota (gennaro_prota_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-03-08 11:52:17

Hi everybody,

this is just to let you know that I've now committed the new version
of static_log2<> to the boost sandbox:

and a bunch of new traits to the Yahoo files section:

Besides some templates that could IMHO be useful to improve the
portability of detail/limits.hpp (width<> and precision<>) there are
two simple knick-knacks, const_min<> and const_max, that I would like
to take the place of the analogous components in the Integer library.

Here's a complete list of the zip contents:

- const_max<>, const_min<>

 Give maximum and minimum value of a built-in integral type
 as integral constants. Differently from the traits already
 available in Boost.Integer they don't use derivation from

- has_sign<>

 Tells whether the type can represent negative values.
 Probably useful before they clarify whether numeric_limits<T> ::
 is_signed tells for built-in types the same information than this,
 or just says whether T is one of the four signed types listed in
 3.9.1 [to illustrate the difference: char is not a "signed integer
 type"; but it can have negative values on many implementations]

 BTW, there's something similar to this in detail/numeric_traits.hpp,
 so it could be useful at least to refactor that code (Incidentally:
 Dave, the comment there seem to reveal that intent was for it to
 work for UDTs too. Of course it doesn't even work for built-in
 floating points.)

- padding.hpp

 Gives the number of bits of an integral type that do not contribute
 to represent the value.

- promoted.hpp

 Gives the promoted type for an rvalue expression of integral or
 floating point type. Example:

         promoted<bool>::type // -> int
         promoted<char>::type // -> int or unsigned int,
                              // depending on the implementation

- wchar_min_max.hpp

 Implementation detail to make up for broken libraries lacks.

- unit_test.cpp/.hpp

 Obvious purpose.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.


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