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From: Terje Slettebø (tslettebo_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-03-14 03:20:56

>From: "Victor A. Wagner, Jr." <vawjr_at_[hidden]>

> for the past 3 hours I've been getting:
> ...failed updating 300 targets...
> ...skipped 117 targets...
> ...updated 8 targets...
> when trying to make the latest CVS update:
> date /T >> update.log
> time /t >> update.log
> cvs -z3 update -A -P -d >> update.log
> bjam "-sTOOLS=vc7 msvc vc71" >bjam.log
> mgrep target bjam.log
> this also, of course, prevents me from chasing down why I got 12 missing
> functions when I tried to build simple_ls.cpp.
> I started to take a look at what's causing the errors, but... I think I'll
> let the folks who checked in something they shouldn't find them. One of
> the errors I see insists that "filesystem" isn't part of namespace

Sorry, that may well have been me. I checked in an updated description in
is_base_and_derived.hpp (OK'ed by John Maddock), and it happened to contain:

"B1 const volatile*/B2 const volatile*"

which of course the compiler interpreted as ending the comment. Therefore it
gave an error on the rest. Any file including this header, or
type_traits.hpp (which includes it), would therefore fail.

I didn't run the tests on this one before committing, because I thought
changing a comment couldn't possibly break any tests. It's fixed now.

This goes for RC_1_30_0, as well.



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