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From: Victor A. Wagner, Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-03-14 09:30:33

I appreciate the difficulties in getting a release out.
I _am_ puzzled about what behavior you wish people (who use (all | any) of
boost regularly) to use in validating problems they may encounter (most of
the time boost is in a constant state of improvement).
During these times, the usual advice is check the latest out of CVS and
verify the problem exists there.

Now we appear to be told that the "latest" isn't to be used (for filesystem
at any rate) until 1.30 is released.
Is this a rule for ALL of boost for the duration?
Enquiring minds want to know.

_Surely_ you don't want people to _quit_ testing during this pre-release
phase. That would make the whole phase irrelevant.

I suggest further, that perhaps the release mechanism be changed such that
the "how to check the latest" NEVER changes from the point of view of the
user/tester i.e. "cvs update -A -P -d" would ALWAYS get the latest believed
to be working copy.

At Friday 2003/03/14 04:53, you wrote:
>At 11:00 PM 3/13/2003, Victor A. Wagner, Jr. wrote:
> >for the past 3 hours I've been getting:
> >...failed updating 300 targets...
> >...skipped 117 targets...
> >...updated 8 targets...
> >
> >when trying to make the latest CVS update:
> >date /T >> update.log
> >time /t >> update.log
> >cvs -z3 update -A -P -d >> update.log
> >bjam "-sTOOLS=vc7 msvc vc71" >bjam.log
> >mgrep target bjam.log
> >
> >this also, of course, prevents me from chasing down why I got 12 missing
> >functions when I tried to build simple_ls.cpp.
> >
> >I started to take a look at what's causing the errors, but... I think I'll
> >let the folks who checked in something they shouldn't find them. One of
> >the errors I see insists that "filesystem" isn't part of namespace "boost".
>I don't know why your run hung, but the '"filesystem" isn't part of
>namespace "boost"' error is a known namespace alias bug in VC++ 7.1 final
>beta. A workaround has been checked into Boost's RC_1_30_0. I'm not
>worrying about the main trunk until 1.30.0 ships.
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Victor A. Wagner Jr.
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