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From: Matthew Hurd (matt_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-03-24 21:08:50

Replying to myself sorry...

> Quite right. This was related to the QueryPerformanceCounter() using the
> 8254-compatible real-time clock which could take several thousand cycles.
> The HAL of Pentium's and above should use Intel's RDTSC (Read Time Stamp
> Counter) and not suffer this problem.

Apart from problems with RDTSC mentioned elsewhere (PCI problems, CPU speed
changes, problems with >2.1GHz) ... I'm not sure when RDTSC is used as there
seems to be a bit of information indicating uniprocessor HAL's using the
real-time clock instead of RDTSC, including boost

Couldn't find anything definitive at MS. Others might know.

The last bit of seemed the
most (in)definitive google turned up.

But it seems only the multiprocessor HAL (which can run on a uniprocessor
but is not the default) supports RDTSC. If this is the case then timing
granularity will vary quite a bit per platform.

Could code RDTSC directly (note quite portable C++ ;-))....

P J Naughter and J M McGuiness wrote the following code that is publicly
available but copyrighted:

But this would need to be different for each supported compiler :-( and you
still have to calculate the processor frequency, perhaps using
QueryPerformanceCounter() on win32... :-(

#pragma optimize("",off)
void CCPUTicker::Measure()
        if (m_bHasRDTSC)
                volatile ULARGE_INTEGER ts;

                     //on NT don't bother disabling interrupts as doing
                    //so will generate a priviledge instruction exception
                if (!m_bRunningOnNT)

                        xor eax,eax
                      push eax
                      push ebx
                        push ecx
                        push edx
                        _emit 0x0f ; cpuid - serialise
the processor
                        _emit 0xa2
                        pop edx
                        pop ecx
                      pop ebx
                        pop eax
                        _emit 0x0f ; rdtsc
                        _emit 0x31
                        mov ts.HighPart,edx
                        mov ts.LowPart,eax

                if (!m_bRunningOnNT)

                    m_TickCount = ts.QuadPart;
#pragma optimize("",on)

m_TickCount is __int64


--wasting too much time

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