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From: William E. Kempf (wekempf_at_[hidden])
Date: 2003-03-26 10:26:38

Peter Dimov said:
> William E. Kempf wrote:
>> Peter Dimov said:
>>> I agree with the suggestion. The default should be /W3 for VC 6, and
>>> /W4 (possibly with some specific warnings disabled) on VC 7+.
>> Why /W4 for VC 7+? The IDE's default is still /W3 on these
>> compilers. I don't think selecting a level different from the
>> compiler's/IDE's default is necessarily a good idea.
> My opinion only. /W4 was a bit painful for VC 6 (many of us used it
> anyway) but it seems fairly usable on VC 7.
>> Of course, what
>> *would* be nice is to have some way to specify this portably for all
>> toolsets. IOW, the default would be to use what's considered a
>> normal level for the toolset, but <warnings>all could be used to crank
>> it up to full.
> I'd expect <warnings>all to translate to /Wall on VC 7. Not a very
> practical warning level IMHO. :-)

Well, add other options for <warnings> then ;).

<warnings>none (disable warnings)
<warnings>default (typical warnings)
<warnings>high (all warnings that aren't considered "painful")
<warnings>all (all warnings)

Of course, the names and categories would need consideration when viewed
portably. For example, <warnings>all would imply -Wall for gcc, which
should also be used for <warnings>high (?), so some users might mistakenly
use all when they should use high instead.

But I think you could come up with a reasonable way to declare this
portably, and believe it would be useful. I'd use <warnings>all from the
command line to "lint" my code with VC (even VC6), but would prefer to
leave things at the "default" level in the Jamfile to more closely meet
user's expectations (too low and when they use my code they get warnings
we don't report, too high, and when they use bjam on their own code they
may get warnings they don't care to see).

William E. Kempf

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